St Mary's Heacham give a contribution that helps towards the fees of students at Msalato College.

People who are being trained for the ministry in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika have to pay their own way, The Anglican Church in Tanzania has no endowments or invesments and it's people are poor. In Dodoma Region many people have family land that they work. A good harvest means that there can be some spare cash. Sadly the rains have been poor for a number of years and this year is worse.The rains should come between December and March.The current weather forecast for Dodoma Region is sadly very bad weather, that is constant brilliant hot sunshine.

Msalalato College is just outside the city of Dodoma, the political capital of Tanzania. The staff are a mixture of Tanzanians, Kenyans, Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and the odd Brit.

However the fees that sound cheap to us are expensive to Tanzanians.

BA in Applied Theology - 3000 USD per annum

Diploma in Applied Theology - 700 USD

Certificate in Applied Theology - 700USD

Heacham PCC very kindly tithed £700 to help Nelson Elias Machichimi who was struggling to pay his way with his B.A.

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