Team Vicar welcome

Hello, I’m Paul Niemiec, it’s really good for Helen and I to be here to share in the lives of our Communities as the new Part time Team Vicar for Snettisham and Heacham.

That Word Koinonia is the root of two words we use often—Community and Communion –indeed they are one, and as such we celebrate both. How? Well Communion we share in Church on Sundays to Celebrate God’s love for us in the Life, Work, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. We do so in the power of the Holy Spirit….then empowered by these blessings we go out –to continue in sharing in God’s ongoing creation; in the example of Jesus and using all that the Spirit gives us as both individuals and a Team. We, together with him, create Community.

The Early Church “Got this” to the extent that others looked at them and said “See how these Christians love one another”

Helen and I “Got this”….in spades, when we arrived

Imagine; cupboards filled with food; loads of welcome cards; folk dropping by to say hello; even biscuits for Dibley, the Vicarage Dog. As if that was not cause enough to be deeply moved and thankful for, there were homemade meals for our first few days—to help us settle; there were freshly planted pots as we drove into the drive………..

Thank you is nothing like enough; rather like our Communion

This love is exactly how we turn Communion into Community and what we need to all share in and share with others-not just the new team Vicar; but like the early Church we should be noted on how we love each other and how we turn that love into affirmative action for and with others.

Helen, Dibley and I are SO THANKFUL! To so many people, for that wonderful welcome to our new home and Community and for our wonderful Service of welcome to the Communion of which we are now part.

We look forward to growing in God with you all and seeing, together how that then works out in both Communion, Community and our Team.

God continue to bless you all